Portable Blood Pressure Meter Household Sphygmomanometer

Portable Blood Pressure Meter Household Sphygmomanometer

oraimo SmartScale 18 Key Fitness Metrics Body Fat Weight Scale

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Product Parameters: Battery Type: AAA Dry battery Rated voltage: DC 4.5V Material: Tempered glass/Stainless steel/ABS Product Features: High-precision Sensors-Real-time Data Feedback oraimo SmartScale is equipped with multiple high-sensitive sensors. Real-time health data can be easily obtained just by standing on the scale. Tempered Glass- Safety is Priority 5mm thick tempered glass surface and skid-resistant base provide exceptional durability and stability. The delicate round edge design gives you a pleasant and safe health data monitoring experience. Smart LED Display- Smarter and Powerful oraimo SmartScale comes with a digital LED display, which shows your appropriate weight in real-time and is completely invisible when you don't need it. The long battery life lets you get rid of battery anxiety and continuously track your full-body data. 18 Key Fitness Metrics-Comprehensive Health Monitoring oraimo SmartScale tracks 18 key fitness metrics, including Weight, BMI, Body Fat Rate, Muscle Mass, Fat Mass, Body Fat Index, Obesity Level, Ideal Weight, Weight Control, Visceral Fat, Weight Without Fat, Body Water, Bone Mass, Protein Rate, BMR, Metabolic Age, Body Type, Score. Give you a comprehensive and comfortable health monitoring experience Powerful Self-developed APP- Meticulous Health Guardian A low-latency Bluetooth connection helps you easily check your health data in oraimo Home. History record on the APP allows you to continuously monitor changes in body composition. Seamless sync, simple analysis.
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